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Equal Opportunity Destroyers: Politicians Of All Types Damage Small Business America

Pistol Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 4:09 PM
"until the American voter starts making better choices". Exactly. The average American voter is uninformed, thus ignorant. He is fat, sassy and comfortable for reasons of which he is ignorant, there for he is intellectually lazy. Therefore he is victimized by ambitious ruthless immoral elitists who shear the sheeple. A huge percentage of these shearers become lawyers and/or politicians. They make the rules, then break them or exempt themselves. They pander to the lowest facets of the human psyche, anger envy greed pride lust and sloth. Gluttony has been fairly exempt 'til now, but on the other hand, I understand one can't buy a 17 ounce big gulp in NYC. If things get bad enough, it will be pitchforks and torches, lampposts and tar
Pistol Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 4:11 PM
and feathers. I'd love to see a bunch of DC beltway corruptocrats kick the can down the road that one time too many and fail to make it to their Dominican retreats before TSHTF. Robespierre, where are you?

It’s not just an out-of-control IRS or EPA. And it’s not merely the punitive demands and restraints of the new federal healthcare law.

American enterprise is being stifled and squelched by state and local governments, in ways that most Americans don’t even see. With increasing propensity, elected officials nationwide are at times suffocating private businesses with regulations, and at other times competing directly against them – and it happens among both Democrats and Republicans.

A striking reminder of this emerged last week, when it was reported that Democrat San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was contemplating some sort of “ban” on alcohol...