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Dang it Sage, would you please be a bit more courteous and elegant as you disagree. You are sowing discontent, and its counter-productive. Nothing is more likely to keep a possible stay at home voter home, then more anger at those who call him names.
I disagree with Rbots like Sage and George W, but when it comes to Senate control here and now, they are right to say its crazy to not support the R candidate, no matter how rotten he is, or somebody who wants him is.
But we did it in the primary, and with the help of the Rs that wanted Crist but voted for Rubio in the general election. Nobody dislikes Boenher's wussiness more than I, and i'd never vote for him in the primary. But I would never cut off my nose to spite my face by staying home, either.
I am proud to be part of the revolt that replaced Crist with Rubio.
Good morning, Mary388, and I do remember Mississippi.
It is different, Sage, because my Rep is responsible to me and it is vital I be able to judge his actions. But its a one way street, and as you note, my votes must be concealed, lest powerful people take revenge.
But the WH is entirely different. It is quite possible to win an election and lose the war for years after. Hoover and Carter are examples. So I didn't vote for McCain. And I continue to use my best judgment as to whether any candidate is win/lose. My goal is return to government no worse than what I grew up under.
In general, voting for a CINO Senator or Rep is worth it because party majority is so important in Congress. In most cases, a nutjob in the R caucus is pretty invisible and any harm he does is diluted by contrary votes.
Yomama has exceeded my wildest hopes, but alas! the electorate has also baffled me with its slow learning. I voted for Mitt, but I didn't believe the optimistic polls. I went out and bought another scarey looking rifle and several hundred rounds of ammo. Both worth now more than twice what I paid.
But I didn't vote for McCain. I believed and still do, that the only way to halt the descent into tyrannical bloated government was to put an unabashed incompetent left wing ideologue in the WH to show the electorate what they were voting for.
I vote R 19 times out of 20, but there are times I haven't. Tactics and strategy sometimes just don't coincide. With Senate control at stake, and no discernible downside, I would vote R for my senator if he was a crooked nutcase.
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