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If someone hands him an expertly written script of pretty lies he can read it convincingly. This makes him a natural anchor on an MSM News program. Seriously.
But the solution is not to give up, or drop out.
The whole dreary performance since the Rs took over Congress demonstrates that merely voting R is not enough to turn us around.
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Dear Mitch

Pistol Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 3:01 AM
Mitch looks bad but its even worse than it looks on the surface. He is elected by the other senators, proving that the R majority as a whole, are gutless CINOs.
New York, its not so much all Dems hate America, its that virtually all Americans that do hate America vote Dem. You have obviously aligned yourself with these people. And how's that AGW workin' out for ya?
There are more people in the work force now than in 2006, and fewer people have jobs. This makes statements like "added 275,000 jobs " a vicious lie. When the economy puts more people on the street than are getting new jobs, we are losing jobs, not adding them.
You are wrong, Scott. Idiocy comes natural and easy to Lois.
"Israel itself remains extraordinarily popular among the American people", except American Jews, of course, who routinely vote 3 to 1 for its extermination.
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O'Reilly, The Man Who Wasn't There?

Pistol Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 5:02 PM
Every leftist I've run into quickly resorts to 2 wrongs make a right. Never has, never will. Whether O'Reilly lied has nothing to do with Williams lies.
Don't back off, says Mr. Jackson, and I notice he is following his own advice.
There are always shallow unhappy people out there who will fall for a Kool-Aid salesman. Many left wing moonbeams are milder versions of these kooks.
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