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Not bad, Matt, but you forgot a jihadi from Iran with a suitcase nuke.
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Martial Law and a Would Be King

Pistol Wrote: 4 hours ago (11:04 AM)
"historical default state of tyranny". Great phrase, alopekos. Tyranny, bullying, cheap shot artists, racism, cronyinsm and other personality vices are endemic as births. They just appeal to some part of the population in the absence of dealing with these evils. This means the virtuous portion of the population must protect itself from these people. This can be done on an individual basis, as in the old west, and primitive places like the Amazon Basin, by gov't, or by NGOs like the San Francisco Vigilantes, the Mafia, or the KKK. But tyranny must be fought constantly, because in the absence of any action against it, it wins by "default".
As reward becomes less in some areas, they go where rewards and quality of life is greater. Punishment has been escalating over the last few years and voting for better gov't with one's feet is on the increase.
Working people and corporations go where work and production is rewarded.
Carl Rowan got away with it, and he shot a trespasser. Of course he was black, a knee jerk liberal, and wrote scathing anti-gun columns for the WaPo. Anti-gun for every one else of course, applying the usual left wing double standard hypocrisy.
Its very simple. Yomama is a lousy president, and most people don't like lice.
Rising disapproval is hardly a surprise. Most people don't like spit, and everything Yomama has touched for 5 years has turned to spit.
The average time served for homicide in the US is under 8 years. Not applying the death penalty results in the death of about 3000 people every year by felons already convicted of homicide.
Whew, what a relief. Thanks for the whiff of truth, Stuart95. And by the way, there can't be any immigration problems either, or the Rs would be all over that issue too.
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