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Apparently the prevailing political mood in Scotland is somewhat more socialist than Britain in general. This would bode ill for Scottish independence.
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DML 2016?

Pistol Wrote: 9 hours ago (3:55 AM)
Better resume' than Yomama. But of course almost everyone can say that, because the man in the WH has no background at all. He is a complete non entity, a man from no where, with no record he cares to publish.
Its not so much the Ds pretending to be Rs to get elected that is so nauseating, its the R candidates pretending to be Rs.
I never heard of Arnold Beverly, but let me guess. He is black, a career criminal, already doing time for a murder conviction and has no hope of ever getting out of jail. Confessing to a crime doesn't hurt him a bit, and gives him a chance to strike back at a system he hates. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.
Loyal Dem, you continue to amaze. I don't know how you do it. The left wing loons fly further into woowoo land day by day, but you manage to stay just a teeny bit ahead. Its common to think you can't make this stuff up, but you are a marvelous exception. Congrats again.
Right on, Michael. A true conservative wave must have at least 2 parts. First a desire to vote for conservative candidates by a majority of the voters. Second, if elected, the candidates running under the conservative flag must stay the course. This has not been historically easy. The 94 Contract with America was immensely successful, but all it did was make Slick Willy look good. As soon as Bush and cronies got in they reversed all the reforms and by 2006 the Ds took Congress and by 2008 the WH, running on a platform of fiscal responsibility and lean transparent government. Only a fool believed them of course, but they are still cashing in. 2012 was not enough to create a turnaround. Will 2014? Maybe. Maybe not.
any, not and
Employers are not fooled by college for all, and more than they are fooled by high school students that graduate without algebra but with tats and piercings along with their diploma. Unless a college student continues academic pursuits best learned by directed corrected study, followed by a diploma of achievement, he is best off learning a hands on trade.
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The Post Obama Recovery Begins Here

Pistol Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 6:22 PM
Drill Baby is step one. Enforce strictly existing immigration law to open up 5 or 10 million entry level jobs is step 2. Return welfare policy and subsidies to what Slick Willy signed after the Contract with America, to put the welfare sloths back to work. We'd be solvent in 2 years, on the way to paying off the debt.
I voted for Rubio, but I won't do it again in a primary. As nominee, OK, he's bound to be better than any D I've seen around here.
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