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Austerity Protests Hit France

Pistol Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 10:05 PM
Guilty of myopia as charged, myopia being a narrow viewpoint. My statement claiming dictators in Chile and Singapore straighted out governmental messes and left greatly improved government and economy behind them as they departed is easily supported by a quick google check. Your arch comment "Singapore - really?" is meaningless drivel. As to Washington's power as first president, he was so universally admired he could have been president for life had he so chosen. He set the standards for the office that lasted 150 years. My opinion he was close to being a benevolent dictator, but rejected that role, is merely opinion. Certainly up for discussion by any amiable well-informed person. Do you know of any?

Following protests in Portugal, Spain, and Greece, a wave of Leftists march in Paris against austerity.

Thousands of leftists marched through Paris on Sunday demanding a referendum on the EU’s new fiscal discipline treaty in the latest of a series of anti-austerity protests in countries hit by the eurozone crisis.

The demonstration, the biggest...

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