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A Pessimistic Nation – and Six Principles to Help Get Over It

Pistol Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 3:55 AM
Polls don't mean much, because asking for opinions and preferences don't translate into votes. Polls give Congress a single digit approval rating, but congressmen get re-elected at a 90 % rate. Americans vote on 4 or 5 hot button issues. The Dems have placed themselves solidly on the good side of abortion, welfare and racism. Reps have economy/fiscal responsibility and the 2nd A. So Dems win large majorities among younger single women, anyone who fears losing a gov't check, and minority ethnic groups. Only when finances and the economy move young women and minorities to vote their pocketbook will the right wingers have a voting majority. This requires a change of priorities and outlook that may never happen.

Americans historically have been the can-do people. Even in the darkest of times, Americans manage to see their glass as more than half full. Seemingly woven into our DNA is an expectation that the lights will forever burn brightly within the "shining city on the hill."

Even from colonial days, every generation somehow managed to hand off an even greater life filled with opportunity to their children. By the time our upstart nation was barely fifty years old, Alexis de Tocqueville gushed with praise about America's unique advancement of "human greatness and freedom."

Our national belief of an...