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The Rich Don't Pay Enough?

pismobreak Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 6:18 PM
First, when you are writing about our Constitution, you capitalize it . . . Freudian slip indicating you not only don't respect our governing document, but you also have never read it! Secondly, only Karl Marx guarantees equality of outcome, not the Constitution. Our federal republican democracy, limited by the explicit rules outlined in the Constitution, simply provides equality of opportunity. "Go Foward with Obama"? Sorry, he, like you, are leftist extremists bent on destroying the country our Founders created.
If you listen to America's political hacks, mainstream media talking heads and their socialist allies, you can't help but reach the conclusion that the nation's tax burden is borne by the poor and middleclass while the rich get off scot-free.

Stephen Moore, senior economics writer for The Wall Street Journal, and I'm proud to say former GMU economics student, wrote "The U.S. Tax System: Who Really Pays?" in the Manhattan Institute's Issue 2012 (8/12). Let's see whether the rich are paying their "fair" share.

According to IRS 2007 data, the richest 1 percent of Americans earned 22 percent of national personal income but...