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SNAFU: Can Our Military Be Saved?

piperspage Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 3:19 PM
This administration is turning our military into one big social experiment! The homosexuals are so blatant with their agenda. As for women, I am a female veteran who was in the Air Force. I would never want to serve in combat duty. I had a taste of being out in the field and found it to be very inconvenient. Ultimately women cost the more to support in almost every aspect of their service. They get maternity leave, they need special hygiene products and most of all the physical standards have been lowered for women.
Fast food workers are untrained and need much supervision; especially here in the San Joaquin valley with so many Hispanics. The young people need to be told how to do everything every day.
Fire the strikers and hire people who want to work. Just like Reagan did in the 80's.
Free everything! Gov. Brown in CA just signed a driver's license bill for illegals. Also, CA if a sanctuary state now. What is left for legal citizens.
I agree! The Obamas just say they support the military and veterans. NOT so much.
So true. I don't know any fellow veterans that for Democrat.
You are correct. Who is going to pay for it all when the haves run out of money?
Please get off the fat issue! Many people of color are fat too. Poverty make people fat. Pasta, beans, potatoes are a mainstay. I see many fat Hispanics here because Mexican food is fattening.
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