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You keep asking stupid questions, and you are just playing games. When people answer, you don't explain what your point is. When people ask you questions, you don't answer.
You don't think. You just hate.
You really are stupid. You don't know that the word "homophobe" means? Well, there is this thing called a "dictionary", and they have them online...
Another example of a homophobe trying to link homosexuality and pedophilia.
Actually, usmc, I say most men into anal sex are straight.
Sigh...I'm asking why an issue is made of the age difference.
My point is those "if, if, if" posts are pointless.
Your homophobia is caused by your inability to deal with your own same sex attractions.
But minors go after "older sexual suitors". Why should it be illegal to accept their offers?
But I'm asking about age differences. Why is it seen as worse if a 47 year old has sex with a 17 year old than if an 18 year old does?
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