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What Happened to Our Country?

pinenee Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:47 PM
Mr. Bialosky, You can't maintain corpse. A corpse can't be resuscitated. What American culture could be taught to the American child born between 1952 and 1970? What culture could those Americans teach their children born after 1972. What culture could those Americans teach their children born after 1998. Sir, America doesn't have a brain, heart, or soul it is dead. The culture you discuss was dead by 1952. Americans were looking and seeking "THE" new adventure. The folks born after 1952 could not bury the corpse of the past and LIGHT a new path.
Roy323 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 12:37 AM
PINEE-I do NOT make this statement in anger OR ridicule and I'm HOPING there is a message somewhere in your tirade! But damned if I can figure out what, exactly, the message is!

When people reminisce about what America used to be like, some act scornfully toward us. They say living in a Donna Reed world was great for a few, but that there were many suffering souls. The way our country is today makes some of us long for those days which seemed so innocent compared to the harsh, cruel, coarse, and sometimes murderous days we exist in today.

Yet most would argue that there were still injustices when we were growing up fifty years ago. Black people who had been freed a century before were still not treated equally in most parts...