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Tea Partiers Must Hang Tough

pinenee Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 7:12 PM
American conservatives blindly take their path of old fashioned, outdated, and passe social and political philosophy and practices. We, those of us who are not Caucasian, capitalist, and Christian revised ethics, values, and morals to include all races, creeds, religions, and nations. The WHO, American citizens declared they would not participate, contribute, or lead in the modern world convened after 1980. THEN our world population assembled a new WHO, to energetically participate, contribute, and lead. Ms. Parker, your allies don't want to participate or contribute in 2012, their ethics, values, and morals practices are 1770!
Mark1369 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 2:10 AM
You and others that think like you live in the past following failed systems that have failed over and over again. Look at past and current day Europe and the economnic struggles they face yet they are not "caucasian, capitalist, or Christian [most are not] yet you want to follow that philosophy despite the failures they have seen decades after decades. You prattle on about nothing except your emotional beliefs while ignoring the facts that exist. The world has seen its largest wars fought twice by these countries while killing off close to 100 million citizens during the 20 century. Go back further and see Napolean and others then tell me how your philosophy works better than the American system.

Now, suddenly, the Tea Party is everybody’s whipping boy.

Liberals, in the wake of the election, gloat about what they see as liberalism’s return to the mainstream and good riddance to the end of the Republican “extremists.”

And, despite the spin, which never stops in Washington, it is not accidental that four prominent Tea Party congressmen have been purged from key committee posts by Speaker John Boehner.

So as the Washington “establishment” cozies up to the mindset that America will go on no matter what and that a bloated, debt-ridden America can go on just fine as long...