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Surging Support for Joseph Stalin in Post-Soviet Russia is Troubling

pinenee Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 6:34 PM
I worked with a gentleman whose heritage is southern European. To come alone, he had to convert to an American "white man". So it doesn't make a difference in modern America, all European soul died anyway. Modern America doesn't have room for European expression. American citizens can be Mexican, Asian, African, and Muslim. The citizens of European descent CAN'T be who they are, they died in Europe, their homeland, came to America and really died. American citizens of Europeans descendant, 2013, can't make contributions of Heidi, Ballet, or opera they can only be "white people"!

This week marked the 60th anniversary of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s death. On March 5, 1953, the Georgia-born tyrant’s nearly three-decade long reign of terror came to an end -- providing momentary solace for all people living behind the Iron Curtain. “Uncle Joe” was no more.

Millions of people in then-Soviet Russia, the Baltic States, and nearby Soviet satellites were killed, tortured, and oppressed under Stalin’s regime.

Members of my family witnessed the wrath of his inhumane policies firsthand. My late maternal grandfather -- a faithful, quiet man -- was imprisoned for 18 months in one of his gulags...