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Maybe The Problem Isn't Racism. Maybe It's Just You.

pinenee Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 7:04 AM
The three words race, racism, and racsist are not verbs.I reject completely the American "white man" as a friend or foe. I am at peace with the American " white man". What I consider a respectful position to take. The Republican Party and its allies, conservatives/ Tea party members don't present an alternative or Something of Value to subbstitute for the idea and position left by Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks. Regardless, how you minimize the number of "white" bigots there are, bumping into one "white bigot" is far to many.
19john37 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 7:26 AM
Would that same equation for "white bigots" also apply to "black bigots", "brown bigots", and/or "yellow bigots"?
The "ideas" of the Tea Party don't need to present an alternative for those of any "color". Their ideas represent a positive direction (low taxes, limited government, and a return to our Constitutional basis) for people of ALL colors.
You present yourself as respectful in position towards the "white man". What the HELL diference does it make what color a man is to warrant YOUR respect. Sounds a bit racist to me..........
pinenee Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 9:12 AM
Sir, How did you miss history? How did you miss the revolutionary process? People of color declared colonialism, imperialism, Jim Crow, and white supremacy was over. The "white man" restated his position the European hegemony was eternal. From 1945 to 1975 wars raged. By 1975, colonialism, imperialism, Jim Crow, and white supremacy was dead world wide. How did the American GOP miss a 30 year revolution which ended and defeated the "white man's" 525 year hegemony? Peace, should be better than the hegemony???

Dear People Crying Racism:

We're all friends here, right? All right, maybe we're not. But, we can still have an open honest conversation, can't we? Okay, we may not be there yet, but someone has to open up the lines of communication and say what we're all thinking: Crying racism just doesn't work like it used to, does it? There was a time when someone like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton could scream "racism" and people were horrified and swarmed around like ants at a picnic trying to make that awful word go away. Now, you cry racism and...

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