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American Black's Must Cultivate a Culture of Entrepreneurship

pinenee Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 1:29 PM
Rosa Parks, a Negro refused to go to the back of the bus on demand of an American "white bigot" 57 years ago. Sir, someday you and your allies will get the message. Almost unanimously, almost, the Negro rallied to her unbelievable act of courage. Sir, the white man is in 2013, still here. However, all of the power, influence, and authority as an individual and his organizations has been stripped.
mhood175 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 8:36 AM
You are incorrect! If whites shut down their businesses for a month you would see negro's out of work because blacks do not hire! If not for white businesses few negro's would be employed - so who, what, and where, has power, influence and authority been stripped? You, Joe, live in a dream world of an 'alleged' power, and you have a dream of power, influence and authority - you won't have it because it is not built in to the majority of your race! The majority of your race prefer being who and what they are, it is easier! You are your own worst enemy! You may get a bunch together to 'march' but you won't get a large bunch together to work every is what it is.

Recently on Roland Martin's "Washington Watch" we discussed what must be President Obama's exclusive agenda to empower black America is his second term. The only advice I could share with Roland's national audience was that American Blacks must cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit independent of any president in the White house. Why is it that no matter who occupies the White House the plight of minorities and especially American Black's continue to diminish overall. Why hasn't the billions of dollars invested in these communities not lifted their boats from poverty and despair. In fact the government nanny state has only worsened the...