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10 Reasons I Wish George Washington Were Still Alive (Part 1)

pinenee Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 11:05 AM
George Washington was and still is a slave owner. Read, George Washington's addresses and speeches he was truly a humble and great person. He was an absolutely pier one exceptional American citizen. George Washington always considered himself as only a person doing his very best George Washington did not have a political Party. George Washington's reference "was I" His refrain was "Dear God, did I do the best I could". It was never the Ronald Reagan Republican Party's conservatives reference "them".
Many conservatives point to great modern men and leaders, such as Ronald Reagan, as models we can follow, and I concur with their sentiments. But I think the best leaders lived long ago, during the founding of our republic, away from the limelight and luster of today's politics and Washington drama.

With Feb. 18's being Presidents Day and Feb. 22's being the actual day George Washington was born, I thought there would no better time to honor the man I consider to be one of the greatest leaders ever born. And I'm going to take a few weeks (columns) to do it.