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One thing for sure, reading some of the Marxist Troll comments below, they are getting dumber and more vile with every passing day. They think they are permanently in control and that our side will never have a say in government ever again. It's sort of funny though, this is exactly what the Communists said when they took over Russia. Even funnier, they were convinced that their ideology would sweep the World and turn it into a Utopia. They never learn from history, do they? OH! I forgot, it will be different this time..........because they are so much smarter and more "enlightened" than the first. And when you have no moral belief system or divine sense of right and wrong, it always turns out the same.
Commies like you hate Capitalism, where everybody grows, prospers and lives free, and are allowed to keep their property. Oh, that's right Marxist/Stalinist commies like you love to sit by and let us work our tails off, only for you to stroll on in and take it from us. Guess what poopy-head, it has been tried before countless times, and it failed miserably after it destroyed hundreds of millions of lives................Let's give it another chance! (Because yes!...... we really are this stupid!) You are just jealous and full of hate..................it shows.
Your side is what has guaranteed that there will be no economic recovery the Republicans tried to slow it down some. And it was your side that has not allowed a budget to pass for the last 3 years. And since you blame Bush for 9/11, which started long before Bush was elected, under Clinton, you can be assured that the same thing will soon happen under ObaMAO. Iran will rise with a shinny new NUKE, to use on Israel. So much for your "Adult" pacifist approach to international politics. Ask Nevile Chaimberlain how well that worked for him and his big pal Adolph Hitler.
This is the phenomenon that will save us from the MSM and Marxism. There was a strong belief that the people you witnessed would come out in strong force indeed! And it appears they are all around the country.
Well then, that settles it. Obama wins because a poll that uses only land line phones, older methods and is all over the map on weekends, says so. Pay no attention to the results tonight. You are going to gy by what you think.
Amerika has almost been destroyed, resulting from the first 4 years, but now all the better the Liberal/Marxists/Obama voters can do is, dress up like Puppets and act like childish morons. No wonder this country is on the verge of total collapse!
Just remember, you are talking to a Marxist/Liberal. They have no concept of property or free enterprise. They believe their ever powerful Govenrment, can and has a duty take things away for redistribution to those who do not deserve it, or who worked for it. They let hard working people take all the risks, and then if they like what ever they gained, they can simply take it for themselves, free of charge.
Hey I know a better one, how about: "The Office Of The First Lady". That is sure to inspire those votes! ROFLMAO! This is just getting better and better as time goes by. And O-blah blah himself, came up with these "ideas", you can bet.
LOL! The Super Powerful Government, gets even more super powerful, while the "agencies" get even more massive than they already are. That's the ticket! Brillant strategy, this will win it for him fer sher, by gollee! (Cuz the "rich" need to pay more.)
WOW, this is sick stuff here. If American buys this for O-blah blah, then we are finished.
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