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We actually do have a "divorce court" that was petitioned by the Confederate States of America. Our "Declaration of Independence". However, our "Republican" judge, jury and executioner ignored his Constitution and refused a peaceful settlement. Leaving the two parties bitter and hurts, just as two parents fighting over their children. Looks like it might be time for a second attempt.
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Common Core: Republican Minefield?

Piinky Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 10:44 AM
Math is math. Science is science. History is history but can be written by the "victor" of wars but always has another side …. unless you allow government to control content. While there may be no history in Common Core today, there will surely be in the future as those privileged "suppliers" of the content interject their policy preferences into the content. Social studies is an even greater cause for concern as the interpretation of societal rules as presented in the content can corrupt a society. Think about the impact of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the US and their positive impact on our youth.
the House cannot defund a program without consent of the Senate and signing by the President however, the House can write legislation funding sections or departments of the general government without providing provisions for others any changes to the legislation by the Senate would require reauthorization by the House by using this technique, the House can control spending and in the process eliminate spending for certain programs
I would suspect that if the employee doesn't like the company where they work, they can go find another job where the environment is more compliant with their needs. Or they can pay for insurance that provides the coverage they want …. oops, there I go, thinking that the individual has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness …. as long as DoctorX lets them …... It seems like your position indicates that the employees have a right to work where they work today ….. regardless.
Except Congress, the administration, all Federal employees are exempt from the requirement.
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You Say You Want a Revolution

Piinky Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 9:22 AM
the critical point is that is needs to be local. local education that teaches our children history and how values impact their lives. state governments that take the responsibility for what they are suppose to do. including recalling the Senators that do not represent the interests of the state. maybe repealing the amendment that changed how our Senators are selected, not by state legislatures but by popular vote, diluting the local influence on their selection. we need to hold our politicians in Washington to their oath of office to obey the Constitution, have our state attorneys generals insist that the US Supreme Court operate within their jurisdiction to interpret how a law complies with the Constitution and not whether it is "fair" in the minds or political views of any particular justice.
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