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Turn the other cheek means dont be a coward and run, but to stand strong and offer the thugs your "other cheek" to beat on whilst you fight back with what ever way to fight you have. It does mean to stand there and take a beating! Me thinks reading the bible would explain this to you.
Toan_thang is already living in hell, his own chosen pathetic envious miserable depravated life on earth living as a prog liberal moonbat.
KopfShuss, get back in the clown car.
Me thinks they share the hate gene.
And it takes a whole lot more faith to be an atheist than this poor old Catholic can muster.
That is lol funny pepnm
Ughhhh, moonbat yachtsman, a Republican WAS commander in chief that sent out the boys with big hangy downs to turn over all the rocks looking for OBL. As the land of the islamofacists lay, there are a lot of rocks, and the lay of the USA there are a lot of yachtsman388's who were against the hunt for OBL before they were for it.
And malaria can be controled by controling the mosquito with DDT, but no ,some moonbat prog writes a fictional hit piece 50 years ago," Silent spring", and millions die because progs lie! twfox I am old enough toremeber those things to, and let me tell you, its a constant battle to make our lives better and those around us when we have to physically and intellectually fight a Progs ideogly of death.
@twfox "Without progressive thinking, the world would still be flat, the earth would still be the center of the universe and polio would still be a killer of children." Wow! what a twist on reality. Progs think global warming is man made, like flat earththers, progs wont open their eyes to the truth. The earth could be or could not be the center of the universe, we will never know because we will never know where the end of the universe is to establish a boundary(even globalwarmonger armeggedonheads "computer models" accept that science. And for polio, lets just say that progs and eugenics have a long and miserable history, abortion kills more humans than polio ever did, DDt would save millions and millions of lives from malaria
Typo and oldtimers disease.. NOT being a grasshopper
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