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Report: And the Reason Chris Christie Wasn’t Invited to CPAC is…

pigkiller Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 12:06 PM
First of all using moral compass and politician in the same train of thought is an oxymoron. But if you are comparing the Massachusetts healthcare law (medicare??) and the ACA, one is a state initiative and one is national, run by the federal government. I view one as a states rights issue, be as stupid as you want to be, and one is a power grab. Second, the existing president very well may have the ability to replace one or two supreme court justices. Now, who would you rather have doing this? One that may not agree with you 100% of the time, or a European style Socialist (at best)

Well, because he’s too squishy on Second Amendment rights, or something. National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson has the exclusive report:

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was not invited to address the Conservative Political Action Conference because of his position on gun control, according to a source familiar with CPAC’s internal deliberations who requested anonymity to speak freely.

Christie has a “limited future” in the national Republican party given his position on gun control, the source tells National Review Online. As a result, the CPAC insider says, the focus of this year’s conference, “the future of conservatism,” made...