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Chicago: No Guns at the Dinner Table

pigkiller Wrote: Sep 06, 2013 7:15 PM
When all is said and done, who is going to know? If something happens where you are forced to defend yourself or others in these gun free zones, so be it. You may face charges, but you and others will be alive to to face them. It will be up to the prosecution to find a jury to convict you, and that may not be as easy as some think.
I might even be convinced to agree with you if not for a small niggling thought in the back of my mind that if this rant had been done by a conservative professor, demeaning one of the liberal icons such as the president or Hillary Clinton, he would not have had the luxury of finishing his remarks before being tossed out onto the streets. I even doubt he would have been hired in the first place.
That is one hell of a leap of logic. You must be some type of Olympic athlete.
Who cares what the AP calls it. It is still in prison where it belongs.
Tolerance through intolerance.
The house impeaches, the senate tries the case.
The grounds for impeachment are what the house of representatives at the time says it is.
Quite correct. However, the issue is what constitutes an abridgement of the right to vote. A requierment for the voter to establish who the voter says he is and to show that the voter has the right to cast a ballot in that election is what will be determined by the court.
Look on the bright side; plenty of good Korean food to eat.
What civil war. Do you mean the War For Southern Independence?
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