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A good and accurate post. Too many people that talk about the COTUS and claim certain things are or are not constitutional have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. However, since the judicial has limited enforcement capabilities, what if the states tell them to GFY? To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.
I wonder what would happen if a student or group of students defied the edicts of the principal and recited the under God portion instead?
I believe that Mr. Cheney should invite Sen. King on a dove hunting trip. Sen. King could have the honor of walking ahead, flushing the birds; it's a great honor you know. Yeah, that's the ticket.
Unfortunately this is quit true.
I really do not think you understand. This is not about education, but about fairness. Comrade De Blasio will not rest until 100% of the children cannot read.
Re-education and rehabilitation. Where have I heard that before? I seem to remember a role model for Mr. Avakian by the name of Pol Pot.
Well, at least we now know why this administration's foreign policies are so schizophrenic.
I've always wondered what would happen if the judge in this case was ignored and told to stuff it. To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, "justice Marshall wrote his decision, now let him enforce it".
I do not like the concept of what the progs just did, but you are wrong on the article V. The constitution states that both houses can set their own rules as they have done. The fillibuster is part of those rules, and can be changed with just a majority vote. The process of amendments is not the same. Make sure you vote in 2014!
God and guns are a much more convincing combination to these people.
You are absolutely right, I just do not think anyone is listening.
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