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Any infestation of this type of vermin must be exterminated. Even the young Palestinians grow up to be adults and need to be dealt with. When they are all dead, you will be surprised how quickly there will be peace.
Actually, that is not what they ruled, but to a person of limited intelligence such as yourself, it probably seems that way. Someone has told you this is the case and you just repeat what you hear rather than reading the opinion and the dissent. The ruling was rather limited in scope and had nothing to do with taxes, since the company was already supplying fourteen of the twenty approved birth control methods. Now, go back to your mother's basement and get some more silly comments read to you so that you can turn around and post them.
That depends upon the state law that is in question. I think you are talking about absentee ballots, and yes, there is a lot of voter fraud connected with these. But that can and should be corrected. If you are in the military, you typically vote absentee, and their propensity to vote conservative is why the democrats want to disenfranchise our fighting men and women. But then, what do you expect from the Marxist hordes?
Try pulling your head out of your poop chute long enough to get some air. Acorn and two of their people were found guilty of voter fraud in Nevada and these have been upheld on two appeals. Acorn was also convicted of voting fraud violations in New York, but I do not think the appeals process has played out.
Well, at least you admit there is voter fraud. Most of your Marxist ilk deny the existence of it.
Cigarettes and alcohol are the lures to get the base of the democrat party voters to the polls. Actually, the COTUS, in Article one section four (I think) allows the states to dictate the rules of elections. It also states that the congress can alter these rules as it sees fit. That is where the voting rights act comes in. However, in Shelby v. Holder, much of the pre-approval for voting rules changes for the southern states were ruled out of line.
The only poll that counts is the one on election day in November. As for the poll, looking at the split with voters, you have to think that universal suffrage may not have been such a good idea. Oh well, sometimes the voting population just has to have a little reminder of what an economic disaster is.
A good and accurate post. Too many people that talk about the COTUS and claim certain things are or are not constitutional have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. However, since the judicial has limited enforcement capabilities, what if the states tell them to GFY? To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.
I wonder what would happen if a student or group of students defied the edicts of the principal and recited the under God portion instead?
I believe that Mr. Cheney should invite Sen. King on a dove hunting trip. Sen. King could have the honor of walking ahead, flushing the birds; it's a great honor you know. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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