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Yes but do it slow, or impale him and let him sit it out for awhile! Ha!
I'll vote for that idea as well!
Yet another splendid idea!
That sounds like a good plan. Make sure that they drop him from a sufficient height so that he falls for awhile and gains enough speed for a resounding "splat" when he hits!
Hey Carlos, did you just get back from one of those newly opened head shops in Colorado? Sounds like it!
Well, I hope that you did your part and at least voted for him!
I would vote for Mitt again in a heartbeat. I'm sure that there is plenty of "buyer's remorse" out there against the current occupier of The White House. I hope that at least he will consider the possibility of another run for president. It's going to take someone with his considerable abilities to clean up the mess left by the current administration.
IMHO, Mitt Romney should be the Republican nomination for president in 2016. He would be head and shoulders above any democrat candidate.
To all of you California haters out there: There are millions of conservative republicans living in California. We vote overwhelmingly for conservative republicans. We feel as strongly as you do about the future of our republic (USA). We need more conservatives to move back to CA to help balance out the left wingers here. Please don't abandon us!
I certainly don't see that. I have much more respect for Charlie than to compare him to DWS.
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