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Ain't gonna happen! I live in Missouri, we are NOT giving up our guns.
There sure is a lot of sick, demented, evil people in the world.
You wouldn't have announced where you were going, if you didn't want them to follow you, twit!
I'll die standing on my feet, not bowing down to a dictator!
This is just disgusting and so sad. Some have no regard for life any more, unless it is their life.
Allison the twit!
You are too Allison..Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows it is you..You are ridiculous!
I think newspeople and politicians should have to wear shock collars, and every time they lie it would go off...Be a whole lotta shakin going on...
You are a good little nazi, Rep...geeshhhhhhhhh
You will find out one day that God surely does exist!
If it wasn't for our Troops, he wouldn't be able to stand up there and let that slime roll out of his mouth,,He is disgusting!
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