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What did the American people think when he made the sweeping statement of "fundamentally changing America"? I had that discussion just last night. So far, that statement is the only truth I have heard from our little dictator in the last 4+ years. He was serious, he has been groomed to stop @ nothing on his quest to destroy the nation as we know it. Nothing less than a nation of humble, disarmed, disheartened, dependent lemmings will do.
"Surprise, surprise, surprise!" - Gomer Pyle
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Et Tu, Rand Paul?

phunyfarm Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 11:07 AM
I thought he would have recognized the impossibility of supporting any more people in this country and certainly not those here illegally. We should round up as many as we can and send them packin'. Then just close the doors and say we're full/something like BORDER SECURITY perhaps. We've got a horrible mess on our hands right now and need to pay attention to fixing the country's problems w/o always having an influx of strangers sucking us dry. Our government needs some serious attention NOW...we need to stay focused on that or there will not be an America for any of us natural born citizens and our "get".
We do know he just disappeared don't we?? That's enough for me to like him less, though I thought that was impossible, but everyday I am proven incorrect. I actually pray for this clown for he know not what he does. He is never @ work...unless he's somewhere bumping his gums for adoring crowds or vacationing via OUR plane. He do love them vacations, don't he?? He's clueless - pushing that stupid communism etc. garbage down our throat is all he knows. Me OBAMA, Me KING!!
Well just bless his little heart. I guess the families of the unprotected, unacknowledged & dead patriots are a little upset too. He's angry because he always has to lie and come up with new non-answers. What does it matter????
Blanket statement of human nature is a little broad.. I believe, from experience, people long to retire and save for same so they make do the work of their choice upon retirement. Our current society teaches & encourages slothful behavior. Easier to manipulate. Example: Now kids make honor role with a C! Hence, encouraging slothful "achievement".
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Why Do Societies Give Up?

phunyfarm Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 8:26 AM
Great article! History repeating itself. While working recently, I had an opportunity to speak with 2 young adults, one male +/-25 yrs. -one female +/- 35 yrs./politics came up. Young man stated folks his age "don't get into that stuff",female stated "her husband was (40yrs) was really political & she just" tuned him out". Told the young man they SHOULD be interested, it involves their future, his response "I know it." Both were "well" (public education and public colleges) educated and fairly affluent. Both played with their I-phones for most of the day. Made me angry and sad. The reasons for the decline in our country was all too apparent. Is the fight for our country left to those of us 55 and older? Looks to me like it is...
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Wash Your Bags -- Or Else

phunyfarm Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 9:31 AM
Oh geez - doesn't anyone have common sense anymore. We have to study and pass laws about BAGS. How utterly ridiculous.
Only if we allow it to continue - sitting back & waiting for the other shoe to fall will ALLOW it to fall directly on us. Where is the ACTIVE indignation? Not just us bitchin', sitting on our butts online. ACTIVE is the key word - DO something (not sure what myself either) - start with your reps, badger them to death for a start...educate your kids and grandkids. Listen to Ben Carson for motivation.
We cannot afford to allow illegal immigrants to "magically" become citizens, where would the line ever be drawn, it wouldn't! We cannot afford any more welfare recipients. The entire idea is as ridiculous and moronic as Obama himself. "
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Running With Scissors

phunyfarm Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 8:21 AM
Read it and weep - literally.
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