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Mr. Bolt is a man.
God Bless the USA and all of the athletes.
Adam Smith is have a discussion with me right this minute on Facebook. All of you who find his video offensive, looks like he's open for discussion.!/profile.php?id=100004171083953
You're gonna be very sorry unless you wise up and stop making threats on a public forum.
He was a liar. Why do you support a liar and fraud?
Ah, so you're Christophobic. How nice.
What are you going to do about it? Nothing. Now shut up and sit down and eat your sandwich.
Here is his Facebook page. Stop by and say "hi".!/profile.php?id=100004171083953
Friend of yours, no doubt. Punks of a feather, cowering in fear and hate together.
You're nothing but a coward punk with a computer.
Here is the guy's Facebook page. Stop by and say hi.!/profile.php?id=100004171083953
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