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Recovery threatened by runaway student loan debt

phouseworth Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 8:33 AM
What Recovery? That is the big lie...there is no stinking recovery, it's ALL smoke and mirrors.

The federal student loan program seemed like a great idea back in 1965: Borrow to go to college now, pay it back later when you have a job.

But many borrowers these days are close to flunking out, tripped up by painful real-life lessons in math and economics.

Surging above $1 trillion, U.S. student loan debt has surpassed credit card and auto-loan debt. This debt explosion jeopardizes the fragile recovery, increases the burden on taxpayers and possibly sets the stage for a new economic crisis.

With a still-wobbly jobs market, these loans are increasingly hard to pay off. Unable to find work, many students...

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