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Lying Little Rat Faced Punk....
Look for "Fatty Arbuckle" to turn to the Democrats...after all the porker loves Islam and Obama and Hates Guns and low taxes...he's a perfect Lib.
If this bill is full of Pork, which it is, that fat bloated pig from New Jersey has to love it....lot's of luck Chrissy getting that GOP nod in 2016...
uneduated Union Trash at it's lowest form....not one of them with the balls or guts to fight one on one....freaking Cowards to the Nth degree:
Pull you lips off Obammy's Ebony Marxist Backside and smell the coffee Bruce! You left wing toad....
You gotta be kidding? Sometimes you have to forget worrying about "getting blamed". and do the right thing....Shut Down the Federal Government, and let the Revolution Begin
You gotta believe most "thinking" Americans realize what needs to be done....the questionn is, who will do it, and when?
Guess she wants them to be fat , Marxiist, and lezbo, like the last two as well?
Rice is a stone cold liar...I had to sit and listen to her give a Campaign Speech at Ohio State in June at my son's Graduation. She not only praised Obammy and fruitcake{is that better?} Marriage for 45 minutes, she lied about her father's "heroic" WW2 War Record as a member of the "Red Tail"....she is a serial liar, and I don't give a bag about her skin tone.
Maybe if you wrote like you have a f****ing brain, they would keep them up?
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