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Same sex marriage is inherently flawed in its very existence. But no worries, It can only last for a generation, or two. Without the ability to propagate the species, they will eventually fade into history.
And if the tackler is guilty...then being a racist was the right thing to do.
This controversy is a simple, self solving one. But then we would need to grasp the obvious to see it as a short term issue. Simple, well of course! Same sex married couples are limited by one biological reality, they cannot propagate the species without some sort of heterosexual intervention. At most, the couples joined by the changes in the laws can only have families that last for a single generation. Eventually, no same sex couples will exist.
History is still out on the worst, apparently. The bottom three would be Bill Clinton, BHO and Hillary. I think that might be her ambition...to be the worst. Electing her would set gender equality back 200 years.
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Support for Dorner is Troubling

Phoenomagus Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 7:16 PM
He's black? I hadn't noticed. I just thought he was vermin. Nuff said.
Mrs. Clinton is aspiring to cement her place in history. This will be done in several ways. If she attains the Oval Office, three things will be her legacy. The first woman, of course. Then the third worst president in the history of this country, preceded in those ranks only by her husband and the present occupant of the office. Followed by the LAST woman elected for the next 200 years, at least. Ladies, I have no qualms having a female president, in any way imaginable. But if you want an honest chance for the future, make certain that she is NOT the first.
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Phoenomagus Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 5:58 PM
Your column has just become nothing more than a commercial for recruiting membership. Share some thoughts, make a point, or simply be quiet. As an "independent" thinker, I don't need to "join" anything to stand up for my rights. My citizenship and the Constitution are enough.
The coverage of the Benghazi issue has been noticed by the MSM because they only cover the tabloid type stories. Perhaps that was the general's plan all along. I know why he resigned. It is totally amazing the NOBODY in the media...any of them, or most of the public has yet to figure that out yet...Watch and learn.
Tell them the truth...in spite of the color of the skin, or the culture, ethnicity or ancestry, one still needs to do the job. Getting fired for poor execution and performance knows no skin color.
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