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Love the column. I'd only make a couple of changes. First, each county would have to ratify the constitution by a three-quarter vote. If it refused, it would be staked and treated as hostile territory, no trade whatsoever, and only one or two ports of entry for those residents who are willing to pass the Path to Citizenship for Red America. Second, for a look at my take on something resembling the ideal constitution, check out the following link: http://www.livingthedelphianway.com/?page_id=223. I examined our Constitution thoroughly, then drafted this proposal based on it to make hard and fast that all power vests in the individual, that currency must be based on gold, and that no level of derivative power has the right or ability to raise money using coercion of any kind. I'd be interested to see what you all think of it, either here or on my website.
Actually, the atheists and socialists/communists have killed far more people than ISIS (so far, although ISIS would love to kill every non-believer in the world). Christian peoples generally only kill in defense of self and others, and are slow to anger, as the saying goes. ISIS kills because they enjoy the power of life and death over those they believe to be subhuman. The atheists and socialist/communists don't kill out of anger or utter contempt on a conscious level, but because for them the ends justify the means, and anyone who disagrees with them is too stupid to be allowed to live, let alone breed. Only they know what is right and best for everyone (or at least, that's what they keep telling themselves in hopes of turning the lie into truth). If people refuse to buy into the "truth" that the leadership knows best, they must be eliminated. I'd rather be a Christian than either an atheist/socialist/communist, or a muslim (especially given what the latter think of women).
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An Arab Prince Denounces Islamism

PhoenixLady Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 3:40 AM
The big problem with telling the truth, that we're really in an on-going war with Islam is the fact that they outnumber us by about 4 to 1, even if most people subject to that worldview are relatively quiet. We've already seen how touchy they are about anyone telling the truth about them when they kill even fellow muslims for not believing exactly as they do (ISIS in particular at present). If we're going to tell the truth in a big way, we'd better be prepared to defend ourselves in a big way. At present, I don't see that we have the self-confidence, much less the will, to do so. That could change at any time, though--and I hope it does.
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Benghazi Baloney

PhoenixLady Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 2:08 AM
And yet the ultra-liberals of my acquaintance STILL blame the Republicans for cutting funds for embassy security--and they keep claiming the Republicans haven't found any wrong-doing on the part of Mrs. Clinton (let alone Mr. Obama) despite how many hearings they've had--and one even claimed the attack really was caused by the eeevil video. Talk about people who squeeze their eyes shut, cover their ears, and scream "Lalalala! I can't hear you." Oh, and they accuse me of 'hating' Mr. Obama. I've decided (again) that they really aren't worth my time.
And immediately after the speech, have him and Biden put under restraint by the Sergeant at Arms (and deputies), then removed from office under Amendment 25, section 4 as being incapacitated because unable (and unwilling) to execute their duties under the Constitution. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should immediately swear the Speaker of the House in as president--and every cabinet member should be arrested, along with the leadership of the Democrat Party in Congress for taking their oaths of office under false pretenses. Ah well, one can dream.
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Attack Of The Mutants

PhoenixLady Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 9:25 PM
How? Like the ISIS/ISIL, they live among us and hide behind us. And they call us crazy and tell us if we don't like things the way they are in this country, we should just leave already (and since we told them the same thing, they tell us 'back at ya!').
Yeah, but they lost to the Lions on Thanksgiving day.
That would be nice, but they think the Koch brothers and all the mega corporations need to be eradicated. Methinks ne'er the twain shall agree. I have an acquaintance who is a flaming liberal, so naturally I get him and all of his ultra liberal friends commenting on Facebook. I told them point blank we need to eliminate the minimum wage, cut government by 10% per year, eliminate the EPA, and a bunch of cabinet positions (and bureaucracies), etc. Then I told them it would never happen. I don't think they read that far because several of them shrieked about was I SERIOUS? So I told them we all need to grow up, then maybe my proposal might happen. Then I asked them how they would solve the world's problems. That's when I got the results I mentioned above. I'm about to ask them if they would allow us to get rid of Tom Steyer and the money he poured into politics in exchange for the Koch brothers. I'll be interested to see what they say.
Somewhat OT because I can't post on Hot Air, specifically Allahpundit's article "Should Boehner protest Obama's amnesty order by refusing to invite him to deliver the State of the Union." Half the commenters (and one of the folks Allahpundit quotes) say "Hell yeah!" The other half say he should be invited, with some interesting suggestions about what should happen after that, from all the Republicans walking out during the speech to having him censured and refused entry. My suggestion? Invite him, let him show how insane (unmoored from reality, according to a different article) he really is, and have him and Joe Biden be taken into custody by the Sargent at Arms and deputies, and declared incapacitated under the 25th Amendment, section 4, therefore unable (because unwilling) to execute their duties under the Constitution. After all, we'll have all of the Supreme Court, the entire Congress and Senate, and the Joint Chiefs present, and about 50,000,000 in the audience to see why, especially if Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell (or a designated spokesman, such as a Republican Governor), lay out the case for all the actions Mr. Obama, backed by Mr. Biden, have taken to destroy the nation over the last six years. Then, when the Democrats scream--which of course they will--they should be reminded that they also swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Should we understand they took that oath under false pretenses? With Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden removed from office under the 25th Amendment, section 4, the Chief Justice would then be in a position to immediately swear Mr. Boehner in as President. Yes, it would be a kind of palace coup, but it would have a very large number of witnesses, and by removing both Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden, it should be painfully obvious that we're doing so not because Mr. Obama is slightly black but because he and Mr. Biden are insane (along with the rest of the Democrat leadership). It would avoid a military coup. It is allowed under the Constitution. It's definitely worth thinking about.
Thank you for your service, sir, and may your future be bright!
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