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Voting Your Way to Prosperity

phlsky Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 1:39 PM
"a moderating force"????? And who decides that?? Interesting notion, but if you knew of what you speak, you would know that the 90% rate may have been there but NO ONE paid nearly that high - so the actual rate was much lower (depending on the person paying). And the e"I-Me-Mine" agenda is all on the left - just look at the Occupy crowed or Obama phone voters who want from others. Or, just like you. We are in this mess because of SPENDING. So sad you deny that reality. At least other leftists would say spending is good, you, sadly, deny that spending has taken place.
"Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that… Of course, not just that, but why not?"

"After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C. He came home with some bacon. That's what you do."

Joann Watson
Detroit City Councilwomen

The first crack in the floodgates opened this week, when Detroit councilwoman Joann Watson demanded a quid pro quo from President Obama in the form of a federal government bailout of the beleaguered city. The...
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