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The Right Capital Gains Tax Rate Is Zero

Philpy67 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 10:33 AM
Right on! Romney has no serious plan to reduce the size and scope of gov't, spending, etc. and offers merely a bit less of what the Dems perpetrate. Only Dr. Paul promises to restore the nation to the greatness of the founding. If only so-called "conservatives" could shed their affinity for unConstitutional and damaging interventionism/world policing, war on drugs, Patriot Act, bailouts, etc., we ight have a chance.

The silly debate about the “Buffett Rule” is really an argument about the extent to which there should be more double taxation of income that is saved and invested.

Politicians conveniently forget that dividends and capital gains get hit by the corporate income tax. And since America now has the developed world’s highest corporate income tax rate, it’s adding insult to injury to tax the income again. Actually, it’s adding injury to injury!

No wonder

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