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The Right Capital Gains Tax Rate Is Zero

Philpy67 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 10:33 AM
Right on! Romney has no serious plan to reduce the size and scope of gov't, spending, etc. and offers merely a bit less of what the Dems perpetrate. Only Dr. Paul promises to restore the nation to the greatness of the founding. If only so-called "conservatives" could shed their affinity for unConstitutional and damaging interventionism/world policing, war on drugs, Patriot Act, bailouts, etc., we ight have a chance.
What a shame that this over-grown boy has a show and must be responded to. I wouldn't think that his audience of 20-something slackers would have enough $ to justify the advertising. Maher is the child in the back of the classroom picking his nose and flicking the boogers just to get attention.
Liberty is our primary value as Americans. Liberty is why we revolted from Britain and fought the civil war. Liberty leads to necessity, competition, creativity, excellence, productivity, prosperity, jobs, meaning, fulfillment, happiness. The only limits on liberty should be the rights and liberties of others. Liberty's greatest threat/enemy is always gov't. Liberals/progressives/leftists/Marxists/Democrats are unabashed enemies of liberty. So-called "conservatives" promise to do little more than slow them down. We can't win a tug o' war standing in the mudpit. Only libertarianism consistently supports and defends liberty and Constitutionally limited gov't. Join the movement. It's almost too late.
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A Ruined Nation

Philpy67 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 9:55 AM
We intervened unsuccessfully in Vietnam. We intervened "successfully" in Korea. Taken as a whole, Vietnam isn't a threat to anyone and appears to be making progress toward more liberty and prosperity. Korea is split between the slave/starvation state of the north whose leaders are producing nukes to threaten the region and possibly even the US, and a southern state which is more free and prosperous, but also ungrateful for our sacrifice, resentful of the presence of our troops, and likely unable/unwilling to stand up to the north if needs be, necessitating the expenditure of more American blood and treasure. Interventionism/world policing is a progressive, big gov't, nanny-to-the-world policy.
The notion that both "parents" need to work to make ends meet is such nonsense. Folks who repeat this silliness are generally those who live beyond their means, failing to save, buying or renting the big, new, house in the affluent neighborhood, buying the SUV and luxury sedan, eating out, buying clothes at Nordstrom, taking extravagant vacations, etc. My parents, siblings, and I have managed to marry, raise kids, and own homes on a single income. If you have to live in a trailer to allow mom to be home with kids, that's what you do. Otherwise, you're choosing materialism over your children's emotional development. So-called "conservatives" should not concede this point.
Apparently, conservatism means interventionism abroad is more important than liberty and prosperity at home. Ron Paul has a plan to eliminate taxes, departments, seriously cut spending, return the nation to the greatness of the founding. Romney promises a bit less of what the Dems offer. No wonder there's little energy/enthusiasm/support for Romney. We're missing our chance.
What a shame that Dennis and other "conservatives" dismiss the only candidate -- Ron Paul -- with a serious plan to cut the size and scope of gov't, because he does not support interventionism/world policing (originally a progressive policy), the failed and unConstitutional war on drugs, foreign aid and entang;ling alliances, bank bailouts, Patriot Act, etc. Dennis has properly diagnosed the problem. He dismisses the cure. Libertarianism is the enemy/opposite of progressivism/Marxism/ liberalism/leftism. Conservatism is just less leftism and in different form.
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Fighting the Last War

Philpy67 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 10:08 AM
Hope and work for a brokered convention, reset of delegates, and Paul victory! It ain't over 'til it's over! Liberty and prosperity may yet prevail!
The solution to leftism is not so-called "Conservatism." The solution is Libertarianism. Larry left the libertarian reservation after 9-11 and bought in to unConstitutional and damaging interventionism/world policing. Conservatism is less principled and more proportionate -- less of what the left has to offer and in different form (interventionism/world policing, foreign aid, entangling alliances, war on drugs, Patriot Act, TSA, NCLB, bailouts, etc.). Libertarianism, not "conservatism," will save the USA!!! Get on board or watch our continued decline.
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Can Government Do Anything Well?

Philpy67 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 9:52 AM
I heard Stossel on Glen Beck's program, correctly criticizing big gov't for its ineffectiveness and infringements on liberty. When asked what could be done, Stossel replied, "Limited government." How weak. The solution is to support and elect libertarians like Ron Paul -- the only candidate with a serious plan to cut the size and scope of gov't and spending. Ron Paul is dismissed by so-called "conservatives" because he does not believe in the progressive and unConstitutional foreing policy known as interventionism/world policing. He doesn't support the failed and unConstituional war on drugs. Libertarianism is what "conservatism" claims to be: support and defense of liberty, limited gov't, the Constitution,the founding principles.
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The Short-Short List of Three

Philpy67 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 9:41 AM
How about a Paul-Romney ticket? We could take a break from unConstitutional interventionism/world policing, foreign welfare, and the war on drugs long enough for Paul to eliminate 5 departments, income, capital gains, and estate taxes, and cut trillions in spending. Just give Paul one term. Let's heal the country. The disease is progressivism. The symptoms are tyranny, unemployment, recession, class warfare, etc. The cure and vaccine is liberty thru limited gov't. The Dr. is Ron Paul.
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