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Look What's Going On in Charter Schools

philmay Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 3:39 PM
This is not what I am saying. I personally know TIZA Academies. They are one of a kind and totally different from other charter schools mentioned in this article. It is a cheap trick in journalism. You put a news and next to that news you put the picture of a person that belongs to another news. People who read the first news connect the dots by looking at the picture of the second news even though they are irrelevant. In some cases, that person could be under quick judgment. Anyway, the author here does the same tactic. She talks about two irrelevant school systems, but she gives in the same article so that the readers are confused and think that they are all the same. Got it?

The charter school movement was presented to the American people as a way to have more parental control over public school education. Charter schools are public schools financed by local taxpayers and federal grants.

Charter schools are able to hire and fire teachers, administrators and staff and avoid control by education department bureaucrats and the teachers unions. No doubt there are some good charter schools, but loose controls have allowed a very different kind of school to emerge.

Charter schools have opened up a path for foreigners to run schools at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers, without much news coverage. One...