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The Beginning of the Beginning of the Immigration Debate

PhillupSpace2 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 3:02 AM
This amnesty lite thing is a done deal. Obama will fight for the whole enchilada and try to frame any settlement in a way most favorable to himself. But, whatever the final deal looks like, he will sign it, declaring he fought the good humanitarian fight, meanwhile, completely ignoring and declining to enforce anything he doesn't approve of. Either way, he will be a hero to the Illegal Immigrants who will believe he did his best against those awful Republican bigots! Ignoring his sworn duty to the constitution doesn't matter to him, he is doing plenty of that now. Most are OK with anything he does! If you want to be frightened, let Rasmussen poll the people to see just how many would vote for Obama for an unconstitutional third term!
mytie Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 4:14 AM
Rand Paul's plan says that each illegal-alien allowed to stay in the USA will exclude 1 new legal quota immigrant for that year !

1 interesting thing that would help this process move along is an optional Special path to citizenship for every illegal-alien.

Stamped on all of their "path to and finalized citizenship papers" it should say that,

They can never vote or hold public office !

No kind of $ocial $ervices 1st-10-yrs, after that only limited emergency assistence, SS-benefits after they retire only if they paid into the SS-system.

Unless they go all the way to the back of the legal-quota-line from their home country legally apply for US-citizenship from there !

US House Reps demand laws on books be enforced 1st, don't give-in !

The end of the first week of the debate over immigration reform proved that it is the roller derby of public policy debates for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter was the first to provide a face plant and skid over the rails. The blowback directed at Vitter for mocking Marco Rubio was intense, and the penalty box includes a copy of An American Son for reading. “Naïve” about immigration doesn’t work well with the son of immigrants.

More seriously, Senator Schumer may have declared immigration reform over before it began...