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Nightmare Scenarios for Obama's 2nd Term

PhillupSpace2 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 11:20 PM
I again recommend Amity Shales great book "The Forgotten Man", a chronicle of the great Depression years. (Amity is over at Bloomberg now). History belongs to the Liberal media and Academia; They are already writing about the successes and monumental, civilization advancing decisions Obama made in 2014, much as the Nobel committee gave him an award for what he had "dun" before he "dun it"! FDR presided over the dreadful US economy, "chasing oil around the block weekly"for more than 9 years, inhibiting the recovery at every turn. But he gets no blame for the failure to recover! If a Republican cannot be saddled with the blame, then no one was to blame! It is pre ordained; that is how Goodwin and Brinkly will write the history.

Last week I was interviewed by Constantine von Hoffman for a CBS news article on regarding economic nightmares for Obama's 2nd term.

Calculated Risk was interviewed as well. His nightmare scenario is war, specifically noting the rise of Golden Dawn.

Eight people were interviewed for the CBS article but the organization was maddening. Specifically, there is no way to see all 8 viewpoints of people interviewed at once. You have to click through pages one at...