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r27cj Wrote:27 minutes ago (5:12 PM) The two of you are more generous than I am. Shinseki may have served honorably. But based on my discussions with friends who were career military people, more often than not when officers move up the ladder into the General ranks, especially two star and above, they become more political and less military. My opinion: If Shinseki were truly honorable, he wouldn't have waited for THE ONE to give instructions for people to be fired; he would have gone in and 'kicked butt' when the second he found out. Instead, it appears that he waited to see which way the political wind would blow. Which makes two points: The top General in the Administration is on a pannel to investigate Hillary's State Department and he DOES NOT INCLUDE HILLARY? Second: John McCain is the first in his family in three generations to call himself a Republican. His Father would never have been personally appointed COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, PACIFIC if he had been a Pepublican!!!!!!!!!!!!! When John came home, a POW war5 Hero he was a shoo in for any political office. Goldwaters Republican Senate Seat JUST HAPPENED TO BE THE FIRST THAT WAS OFFERED. Which explains why he is often called a RINO since he is so cozy with the Democrats. He just won't put up a credible criticism of Obama's Communist friends like Bill Ayers or Rev. Wright. And he personally pushed John Kerry into the State job!
I didn't make that very clear. One single Doctor in private practice sees as many patients in two days as ALL EIGHT VA Doctors see IN A WHOLE WEEK!!
Does no one here remember the initial news on this subject exposed the fact that there were 8 Doctors in the Cardiology Department at the Albuquerque VA and the total patients seen by the department were two per Doctor Per Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, that very evening on Special Report, Dr. Krauthammer said that in Private practice, one single Doctor sees that number in two days. Is two patients per Doctor per day the normal, or performance goal all VA hospitals, and has it not Always been so?
The President's people always start to leave in the 6th year. None of them wait until all the demand for well connected political henchmen have been filled.
In the Civil Service, you are advanced and rewarded for how many bodies are under your direction. It is similar to any Government organization including the Military. A Sargent gets a small pay check because he has a small number of troops reporting to him and his paycheck is small. A Colonel has a bigger paycheck because he has a lot more PEOPLE, which in the Civil Service authorizes a higher GS rating and higher salary. IN GOVERNMENT THE GOAL IS TO ADD PEOPLE, NOT DO MORE WITH LESS!
The elephant in the room which people insist on avoiding is this: The goal of a Government agency or department is to increase the number of employees in their department. Ergo, if you formed a new department to count the number of days on the calender, within Six Months they would have a 90 Day Backlog!!! This is a simple measure of protection against being downsized. They can always respond: WHAT? WE ACTUALLY NEED ADDITIONAL PERSONNEL OF AN AUTHORIZATION FOR BEAU COU OVERTIME; WE BE BEHIND EVEN AS WE SPEAK!!! Go look for some efficient department who is current with their production and cut them!!!
Wasn't he working for CNN before going to the "Fun House"?
Bet he knew that Lucrative Parachute was promised to him as an incentive to take the job in the first place!
There is no record of Rats leaving a sinking Ship in order to save the ship! Rather, it is always the other way 'round!!
Attempting to inject a little levity there. Have read much of Amity Schlaes including the "Forgotten Man" and Victor Davis Hanson is practically a Neighbor of mine here in the Central Valley. It is ME who wrote that every Congressman should be required to read "Two California's" by Hansen BEFORE voting on Immigration Reform! But, your point is well taken.
What Honest Historians? Doris Stearns Goodwin? Slessenger, who has been described as "KENNEDY'S "KEPT BIOGRAPHER" or some REAL Conservative like David Brooks who knew Obama would be president; could tell by looking at the crease in his pants? Recent history has been written by 92% avowed Liberals and 8% Independents!
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