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There is the old question; Whether to remain silent, let them think you are stupid, or speak, and remove all doubt! You can't talk w/o telling something about yourself. That is also true in Obama's Prayer Breakfast speech. I, like all other Christians do not feel personal shame because barbaric people, in the name of Islam Killed hundreds of little girls, purchase for marriage six year old girls, behead, mutilate, crucify, STONE, and burn to death other human beings. This disgusts me and infuriates me, but I feel no personal Shame, it is not MY people or MY religion doing these barbarous acts! BUT OBAMA IS ASHAMED! IT'S his people, AND DISTANTLY, HIS RELIGION; THE RELIGION OF HIS CHILDHOOD, HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, FATHER, STEP FATHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, UNCLES AND AUNTS; ALL PRACTICING MUSLIMS! All the young, babies, animals, every living thing IMPRINTS on things in their earliest formative years, that imprinting is irreversible, and Obama Imprinted on the Islamic teachings which he was immersed in till age 10 or 12! THE FIRST YEARS IN THE MADRASSES, BOYS READ ONLY THE QU'RAN (which is only written in Arabic)(no one ever mentions Obama speaks and reads Arabic) So what we see and hear at the Prayer Breakfast is Obama desperately trying to bring Christianity down to the level of the Radical Islamics who refuse to condemn their fellow Islamic for the barbarism; they are also acting from fear. (Terrorism also worked every time it has been tried)! So, now we know what to expect from Obama as we understand the corner he is painted into. His parsing of words, his refusal to state the truth! It's his steadfast refusal to label horrible people part of HIS family!
Newest | Oldest | Top Comments PhillupSpace 2 minutes ago Senators Cruz and Lee, I am told, plan to ask her if she views Obama's planned Executive action on Immigration to be Constitutional or not. I would agree, that is a most important question for the Confirming Body to ask. My question would be more simple: Do you perceive the Ferguson Black community justified in discounting the Legal Grand Juries' Verdict if they decide not to Indite the Officer? And, since their grievance is with the Police Department, won't it be criminal for them to attack and destroy neighborhood Businesses and property of innocent people who had no part in either the Shooting Incident or the Grand Jury Verdict? AND, to what extent will you prosecute the vandalizing and personal endangerment by those Rioting people should such a Riot occur? DO THEY WANT EQUAL JUSTICE, OR DO THEY GET TO BE TREATED MORE LENIENTLY E.G., MORE EQUAL THAN EQUAL?
Opposition to Illegal Immigration is TEPID because IT IS FREE! The roughly 100 Billion annual cost is paid for with BORROWED MONEY! The United States has not repaid one dollar of the money it borrows in a HUNDRED YEARS! So, if NOBODY PAYS THE COST, that qualifies as free, RIGHT? SO, who cares how many Illegals arrive, OR HOW MUCH THEY COST if no one is asked to pay for it/ RIGHT? If people saw a charge on their Phone, Utility or Tax Bill that says you are charged this amount to pay the cost of Childbirth, Schooling, Medicaid and food stamps given to Illegal Immigrants, there would be a more healthy response from the people. BUT, AS LONG AS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, OBAMAPHONES, FOOD STAMPS AND RENT SUBSIDIES, AND THE $13 THOUSAND SCHOOLING COST PER CHILD, PER YEAR, (PRESENTLY FREE) COSTS NO ONE ONE DIME, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS EASY TO IGNORE! EASY IS THE CONDITION AMERICA PREFERS!
All the Democrats have to do is get an independent to run by financing and getting the Media to flatter them when ALL the votes they siphon off come from flakey Republicans and NONE from the Disciplined, hate filled Democrats! It worked to get Clinton elected twice with only 43% of the vote? Ross Perot did not take ONE SINGLE VOTE from the Democr5ats, but all from the Flakey Republicans. BUT, REPUBLICANS ARE SUCH SLOW LEARNERS! The Republicans should have the Donkey Mascot; You have to hit them up side the head to get their attention!
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The Coming November Wars

PhillupSpace2 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 2:22 AM
Yes, Iran will get their Nuclear Weapons! It was always going to be! Just as the Meek will inherit the earth, IF THEY JUST INSIST ON HAVING IT", any Nation such as Persia with sufficient money and resolve (Kim did it WITHOUT MONEY) will eventually get one! Only then will they learn the lesson of a Lifetime: When you do use a Nuclear Weapon, YOU MAY AS WELL USE IT ON YOURSELF! The retaliation will dwarf the damage you do with your first strike and your country will truly be bombed back into the stone age! It is the old Curse; ("BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR"!
When a Politician claims to be an Independent, that is a joke for the Late Night Comics. Independents in Congress vote more consistently for Democrats than Al Franken! They Caucus with, and sleep in the Democrat bed. The ONLY thing they are Independent FROM is the Republicans; They are attached to Democrats like TICKS!
Independent? That is a joke for Saturday Night Live! Independents always Caucus with (actually are) Democrats and vote with Democrats more often than Al Franken Independents are only Independent from Republicans and are glued to the Democrats like "Ticks"!
Terry, doesn't anyone remember reading about the Emperors New Clothes? Has this fact slipped under everybody's Radar? THERE IS NO NATIONAL DEBT, not to Today's Voters! No one today expects to be burdened with making payments on the National Debt! And, even IF they did, those Romney 47% would not have to pay since those payment, like ALL the other National Obligations, would be loaded on the backs of those who presently pay Income Taxes, thereby setting themselves up to be coerced by the Politicians! But, I Digress! It's FREE, it's FREE! That is why there is no nationwide revolt against the 84 Billion cost of Illegals. NO ONE PAYS IT!!! It does not show up as a sir charge on your Phone Bill, Energy Bill, or Restaurant check! It is paid for with Borrowed Money NO ONE EVER EXPECTS TO REPAY; NOW DON'T THAT LOOK LIKE IT IS FREE IN OUR LIFETIME?!
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Millennials Still Want to Marry

PhillupSpace2 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 2:00 AM
The old country boys were honest enough to tell it like it iz! Opposites attract; Girls want to get Married; Boys Don't! It has ever been so! That is why the story about the Shotgun Wedding is so popular! Some clever comedians have gone so far as to blame the 73% of out-of-wedlock births on the tragic shortage of SHOTGUNS!
Which begs the further question: With Obama's admittedly poor grades, what, save Affirmative Action, or Foreign Student Status (where grades are hardly considered at all) got him in and through the toughest institutions in the Ivy League? After observing him for six years, it is obvious he is no towering mental giant; just street smart like Elmer Gantry, the Rainmaker or Lonesome Rhodes (Andy Griffin/Elia Kazan)!
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