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When a Politician claims to be an Independent, that is a joke for the Late Night Comics. Independents in Congress vote more consistently for Democrats than Al Franken! They Caucus with, and sleep in the Democrat bed. The ONLY thing they are Independent FROM is the Republicans; They are attached to Democrats like TICKS!
Independent? That is a joke for Saturday Night Live! Independents always Caucus with (actually are) Democrats and vote with Democrats more often than Al Franken Independents are only Independent from Republicans and are glued to the Democrats like "Ticks"!
Terry, doesn't anyone remember reading about the Emperors New Clothes? Has this fact slipped under everybody's Radar? THERE IS NO NATIONAL DEBT, not to Today's Voters! No one today expects to be burdened with making payments on the National Debt! And, even IF they did, those Romney 47% would not have to pay since those payment, like ALL the other National Obligations, would be loaded on the backs of those who presently pay Income Taxes, thereby setting themselves up to be coerced by the Politicians! But, I Digress! It's FREE, it's FREE! That is why there is no nationwide revolt against the 84 Billion cost of Illegals. NO ONE PAYS IT!!! It does not show up as a sir charge on your Phone Bill, Energy Bill, or Restaurant check! It is paid for with Borrowed Money NO ONE EVER EXPECTS TO REPAY; NOW DON'T THAT LOOK LIKE IT IS FREE IN OUR LIFETIME?!
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Millennials Still Want to Marry

PhillupSpace2 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 2:00 AM
The old country boys were honest enough to tell it like it iz! Opposites attract; Girls want to get Married; Boys Don't! It has ever been so! That is why the story about the Shotgun Wedding is so popular! Some clever comedians have gone so far as to blame the 73% of out-of-wedlock births on the tragic shortage of SHOTGUNS!
Which begs the further question: With Obama's admittedly poor grades, what, save Affirmative Action, or Foreign Student Status (where grades are hardly considered at all) got him in and through the toughest institutions in the Ivy League? After observing him for six years, it is obvious he is no towering mental giant; just street smart like Elmer Gantry, the Rainmaker or Lonesome Rhodes (Andy Griffin/Elia Kazan)!
It is still true; Those who can, DO, and those who can't TEACH! There are many colleges of education where, if you can pay the tuition, you can get the certificate! That is particularly true in those who still have Affirmative Action stuck in their craw! Which accounts for all the complaining from the inner cities about their teachers (It is not because the roof leaks or there is no heat; It is about Teacher Quality) Which begs the question: If the teachers are that bad, how did they get a degree? The Union won't ask that question; The school system, terrified of the DOJ Civil Rights Lawyers wont ask, the Student loans are pushed upon minorities,with crappy grades, and then the students are blamed if they are ahead of the teacher all the time and find the conversation at taco bell more challenging.
Obama ALREADY HAS 100% of the Black Voters who vote!~ Could this be called Gilding the Lily? There are still people who remember what that means don't you suppose?
Here is a T-dew to their memory!
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