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A Pea Party for the Tea Party

PhillupSpace2 Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 4:10 PM
AMEN Guys. Politicians just will not die quickly enough so it is imperative that we vote them out! Politicians are not elected for what they will do for the country but now are sent there to send home the free stuff! We no longer have enough NICE people. Too many now are quite comfortable with spend other peoples money their Congressman sends home. And the Politician looks around at all the money his colleagues are shoveling to their districts and says, "It don't seem to belong to anyone in particular so it seems a pity not to send some home to keep those voters in my camp! One guy just can't change this place anyway!

Peas are all the rage when it comes to talking about the country’s fiscal woes.

You might remember that in July of 2011, when fighting over the debt ceiling, president Obama- right before he left for his 17th vacation at Martha’s Vineyard that year- complained about congressional inaction by saying that’s it time for the country “to eat its peas.”

From CBSNews:

"I've been hearing from my Republican friends for some time it is a moral imperative to tackle our debt and deficits in a serious way," Mr. Obama said. "What I've said to them is, let's go."

The president...