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Are You Ready For....President Joe Biden?

Phillip91 Wrote: Aug 19, 2013 3:29 PM
You laugh while they win elections. Go ahead, keep thinking that way and they'll continue to rule your life and enslave you to whatever pet project they have in mind.
D G Wrote: Aug 19, 2013 3:36 PM
I laughed too, but Phillip91 has a valid point. The bad guys win elections. There are too many mesmerized zombies voting Democratic. We conservatives must strive to awaken the zombies and inform the low information voters. Ideally, we do so at the grass roots level.

It's happening, folks. Vice President Joe Biden and his team are making serious (I know, using "serious" and Biden in the same sentence makes no sense) preparations for a Biden 2016 presidential run.

Political allies of Vice President Joe Biden have concluded that he can win the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination—even if Hillary Clinton enters the contest—and are considering steps he could take to prepare for a potential candidacy.

While Mr. Biden has made no decision about his future, people familiar with his thinking say, he hasn't ruled out a bid for the White House. If he runs,...
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