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High Speed Trading At Exchanges

PHILLIP56 Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 12:55 PM
What if there was an automatic 2 minute delay between when an order was electronically entered into an exchange's system and when it was delivered for execution? Since a high-frequency trader would not know what had been entered in the two minutes before his order was entered, it seems to me that many of their algorithms would no longer work.

Finally Congress is looking at high speed trading and what it is doing to the marketplace. Like most things, this is a messy issue. It’s not necessarily electronic trading that is causing the problems. Mostly the roots of the problems are in the way the markets are regulated by the SEC, and in the way the exchanges administer them.

Congressman and Senators don’t have intimate understanding of these markets. They also have relationships with banks, trading firms, exchanges and individuals so don’t look for any altruistic market based rules or regulations to come out of their committee hearings. But it’s...