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Her computer crashed, so the IRS lost 2 years of her email? Sorry but that's not even possible. Former corporate email system admin here, this is candidate for lie of the year. Her emails live on the IRS email servers (which are backed up, that's the law) so it doesn't matter if her computer crashed!
The Haqqani network is a confirmed terrorist group, they are the ones that held and released him! Senior Pentagon officials believe that a particularly violent branch of the Taliban, called the Haqqani network, is holding Bergdahl. Even as the US begins peace talks with the Taliban, the Haqqani network may prove irreconcilable, Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of US troops in Afghanistan, said Tuesday.
These aren't old scandals, it's just that the Administration has been stonewalling the investigations from Day 1. Thanks to Judicial Watch for being the watchdogs and getting more info to move the investigations along. Time for accountability.
Are you ok with the UAW and other unions sending union dues to Democrats by the tens of millions, and at the same time donating pennies to GOP?
They aren't anymore because the dear leader "fixed" that. By turning over GM to the UAW.
Help us fundamentally transform the USA into a European style socialist/crony-capitalist utopia. Vote Yes for UAW!
More lies? It's what they do best...
Why does Dear Leader tell such lies to these activists? Here is a reality check, you are going to be fasting for a long time! •55% of American adults oppose "providing free public education benefits to children of immigrants who are in the United States illegally" (PDK/Gallup, August 2013). •56% of American adults want the border secure before any type of amnesty is granted to illegal aliens. Only 37% want amnesty before border security (CBS News, July 2013). •31% of illegal aliens surveyed identified themselves as Democrats; 4% as Republicans. In addition, 23% of illegal aliens lean toward the Democratic Party while 15% lean toward the Republican Party (Pew Hispanic Center, July 2013). •When told that the Senate immigration bill (S.744) would only decrease illegal immigration up to 50% of its current rate, according to the Congressional Budget Office, only 39% of U.S. likely voters supported the bill (Rasmussen, July 2013). •80% of American adults support "stricter border control to try to reduce illegal immigration." This includes 93% Republicans, 76% Democrats, 83% Independents, 74% Blacks, 61% Hispanics, and 75% of 18-39 year olds (ABC News/Washington Post, April 2013).
Al-Qaeda says "thank you, Governor moonbeam! For making our next air hijack easier"
What credibility?
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