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Seriously who believes the Afghan Army Captain is 18 years old as reported? Supposedly these 3 terrorists went to Zachary's Pub, an over 21 gentlemen's club on Cape Cod on Saturday night before heading to Niagara Falls. How many explosives did they set on the way? Why would they drive to the border to turn themselves in to Immigration officials when Boston or Rhode Island airports are much closer? Does anybody in the media ever ask serious questions like this anymore?
This is one of the most shocking revelations I've heard in quite some time. Teh Precious taking advice from terrorists. What could possibly go wrong?
Outside groups? Left wing amnesty groups like la Raza I'm sure
It should take just over 2.5 years for DOJ to create this LOL Holder is still laughing
Hey this crisis started in 2011 (not in 2012, that executive action for dreamers just fueled the fire that started in 2011)! http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2011/08/19/usurpation_of_congress_amnesty_granted_to_millions_of_illegal_aliens
Bingo! And so the wheels started turning in 2011, setting up the 2014 (man made) border humanitarian crisis!
This confirms that the missing emails are in the FBI Sonasoft email archive system!
There will be an investigation, it will last until Jan 2017. All along they will say, can't comment. There is an ongoing investigation.
It's incredible they used this excuse. There is most likely a archiver that collects ALL emails for legal purposes, all before a user could even delete an email!
And they never would have been able to do it without millions of useful idiots aka the low info voters aka the Democrat base
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