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Rubio is very naive. He thinks that everyone will live up to their word when they haven't done so for over 20 years. Secure the border? When there are parts of Arizona that have warning signs telling you it is not safe for Americans to travel there and Janet says our border is secure well then let her go to the south of Arizona without her armed escort and drive around the desert for a while. Let's see how she survives. Rubio expects her to live up to any bargain and she hasn't lived up to one since she took office. A farce. The whole thing is a farce. Rubio I dare you to come out here and see how things are for real. No benefits? I watch families from Mexico picking up their kids from California schools all the time. Going to the doctor and showing their Mexican Consular ID by mistake and being told no the other one so they grab the California Medical ID and then do the same at the pharmacy. Eubio is an idiot.
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Plan B is a Big Deal

Philip324 Wrote: May 05, 2013 2:30 PM
Know a girl that at age 18 on her own went to a doctor and was given some new Birth Control. Soon became sick and had a grandmother who had raised her smart enough to realize that the new Birth Control was the issue. It was still too late and the child had injured her liver because the new doctor had not realized that the new style of birth control was not useable for a person with diabetes. If they had not caught it in time she could have died or required a liver transplant to live. Her grandmother who knew her was the one to catch it. Now they want us to believe that children from either age 13 or 15 are able to make these decisions and know what is going on According to the President science has proven this plan b pill to be...
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