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He is a more communist and deceiver IMHO, though I agree with you. He is focused on his agenda, and dividing us to implement it Believing he is out of touch or incompetent (he's both of those too) misses the full reality of his radical vision, and looming disaster that he is driving us toward at break-neck speed.
I don't want this President to 'show' anything. 'The concern' is dishonesty. I EXPECT our President to think, say, and do what is honest, rational and morally right and that considers the will of the people.
Our government officials should not be exempted from any of our laws or the constitutional process. That goes for Obamacare, changing our immigration laws by executive fiat or the well-meaning intentions of relatives of elected officials who do not make the rules
It must be true of his followers 'don't need anything else' either; wealthy or getting along with a government check. Anyone paying the taxes, anyone with common sense who prioritizes a budget or is cognizant of the unsustainable debt load ($18T) or the consistent failures of this administration must see through the charade: (definition appropriate - a blatant pretense or deception, especially something so full of pretense as to be a travesty). For the rest, maybe if Obama starts wearing plus four knickers with his little beanie on his next golf outing, the true comedy will emerge and reveal itself!
How about a little common sense until CDC and our government catch up to the science. The issue for me is outrage, not fear. It is outrageous that our government would expose us here and then for the President to glibly state that we must fight this virus at the source! The government is responsible for allowing this deadly here at all. It should have been done immediately. This is what you call 'leading from behind'.... it's way behind and makes me question the motivation that would fail to immediately nstitute a travel/visa ban in the first place.
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Where Was President Obama?

Philip108 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 10:02 PM
Thank you topperj2. An excellent reminder of the deep trouble we are in with this Chicago politician and his JV team running the government. Chaos! I hope EVERYONE will vote
'He's too busy ...' laughable! Doing what?
Amazing resemblance to Mrs. Gulch in 1938 Wizard of Oz
Great picture... what a vacant look! .. 'What me worry?' Are you sure it's 'bundler and not 'bungler'? Impressive logic, with 'legal process' terrorists more likely to turn themselves in. For non-terrorists... illegal process allows the in and legal process then allows them to stay. I get it!
It's arrogance but at least conservatives see through it with "emperer has no clothes" clarity
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