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And after all What difference, at this point, does it make we have 4 dead americans, just like then and now after the event calms down, he's off to do campaigning...
This is a good story of a successful defense but the picture shows the huge magazines, I would bet if she had one of these megamags she might have dropped one or more of these cretins. But why put these on the article. How about showing the actual weapon she used, I bet it was a small weapon with a small magazine.. Probably a 380 with a 6 round magazine.
Unfortunately you are correct, but remember Tom Hanks said we were racists in the war with Japan cause we had to kill them. That's cause they would not surrender but in Tom Hanks mind we should have just let them come out of their holes with grenades strapped to them and blow us up. But wait they did that and that's why we had to kill them. As for the Taliban, blowing them back to the stone age would be an urban renewal program. I don't know how we deal with people who simply want us dead... How's the status of forces agreement in Iraq working? You know the one that Biden said he would stake his job on getting done.... Oh well... I did hear some military higher ups think we need to back to Iraq to help them with security....
I will go to my grave as a sinner for not forgiving this person for what she did to our men in prison camp and overall what she did to prolong the war and give aid and comfort to the enemy. Sure enough Vietnam is no longer an enemy and neither is Germany or Japan, but it was my war and I won't ever forget what she did. PJE USMC 1966-1970
There will not likely be any evidence because the breakin was done by someone trying to help his friend who just happens to be someone wanting the problem to go away. These people don't need memo's to operate they just know they will be thanked for their FAVOR in ways we won't ever find out. Nothing to see here just move along its all about "a vast right wing conspiracy"...
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My Apology to Mormon Readers

Phil697 Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 2:05 PM
Some born again christians claim that they and only they are the real christians. Catholics, Congregationalists, and any other faith apparently are not christians that would include Mormans as well... Go figure
How many people remember the past
Their right we Americans hate treasonous hateful liberals like these two clowns.
And we now have learned, security that was denied even reduced by the folks behind a desk on the 7th floor at state. When asked they blamed the folks on the ground.. Disgrace, totally disgraceful. They have no soul they are totally vacuous, I wouldn't trust my kid for a second under the likes of these folks. The entire State Department needs to be cleaned out. We have plenty of talented "HONEST" folks who are unemployed and would be happy to get a good job with a nice pension. For those who should be fired too bad they let this happen Bye Bye.
That is the most important point. We had the media tied up for weeks over some Bimbo who killed in a very bad way, her boyfriend, but we cannot spend some time on a true disgrace which might have been prevented. Had the SST team not been pulled out a week or two before the attack, maybe it would have never ramped up. Had the place not looked like a soft target maybe they would not even have tried. Of course we cannot know but the same guy Kennedy of state dept was in the same job back in 1998 and that was when the two embassies were hit. No lessons learned then and likely none now. The only lesson is to make the arrogant but holes answer for their crimes. Bye the way who is the dude waving the AK on almost every picture when we see Benghazi mentioned in the media? The three fuzzy pictures just released by the FBI are useless, the dude waving the gun is nice and sharp..
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No Gun Licenses for Marathon Bombers

Phil697 Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 12:56 PM
He telegraphed all his doins before he was elected. The increase in size of the civilian force is his dream army. This is what happens when we don't properly VET a candidate. We were in such a hurry to elect the first black president we unfortunately deserve what we have and will suffer due to his actions.
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