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NAACP President: Tim Scott Doesn't "Believe in Civil Rights"

phil206 Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 1:05 PM
How dare some uppity black guy hold Conservative principles. That just makes him a racist like Thomas Sowell, Walter Wiliams, Condoleza Rice, Allen West, Clarence Thomas and the rest. How dare he think for himself. Are not the true racists those who view every issue and every person through the prism of color? I even remember when they said that Juan Williams wasn't a real black man because he was born in the Canal Zone. It is very disgusting

Disgusting, but entirely unsurprising.  Welcome to the Senate, Mr. Scott:


“We have Republicans who believe in civil rights — unfortunately he is not one of them,” Jealous said. “And unfortunately his party as you know, has really gone after so-called RINOs as they call them,...

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