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It isn't simply Planned parenthood. Any and all of these non-profit educational, chritable organizations, left or right, should be defunded. Not one of them has any legitimate claim to taxpayer dollars. Either their cause is viable and can rise on its own merits or it's a narrow special interest and cannot. So be it. that called compete in the marketplace.
"Senator, I honestly can't recall. They tell me I suffered a concussion and it effected my short term memory."
How dare some uppity black guy hold Conservative principles. That just makes him a racist like Thomas Sowell, Walter Wiliams, Condoleza Rice, Allen West, Clarence Thomas and the rest. How dare he think for himself. Are not the true racists those who view every issue and every person through the prism of color? I even remember when they said that Juan Williams wasn't a real black man because he was born in the Canal Zone. It is very disgusting
Reality and principle should trump politics every time. That such a person as John Kerry is even considered should be an embarrasment to us all. The majority is not by definition always right.
Kerry should obviously NEVER be confirmed. As an unindicted traitor his crimes far surpass any disqualifying stasins John Tower may have had. Filibuster this person and BORK him. It is the least we can do in memory of Robert Bork. And take John McCain with him since to McCain, Kerry is a fine upstanding Senator. Despicable.
Let us hope the Senators stick to their guns. However, her testimony is likely to be along the lines of ,"I can't seem to recall. They tell me I had a concussion which effected my short term memory."
Despicable. The unindicted traitor should be no where near this government. That was what the Rice trial balloon was all about, getting the GOP to shoot their wad before this unconscienable nomination. The GOP should oppose him with every means necessary. How better to honor the memory of Robert Bork than to Bork this excuse for a statesman.
The poor lady will not be able to recall anything about State Dept. actions revolving about Benghazi. Sad, we will just never know since her concussion will have such an effect on her memory.
There are. Ignorance knows no limits.
Absolutely. The racists are those who 1: suppose every black must think like every other and 2: see every issue through the prism of race. Apparently they never heard of Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, etc, etc. People are individuals not members of ethnic, racial or socio-economic groups. That is marxist thought.
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