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Biden Always Says What He Means: Planned Parenthood "Under Law Cannot Perform Any Abortion"

phil206 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 5:48 PM
No non profit agency has any claim to taxpayer dollars. For the government to fund any such is a violation of the rights of persons to be secure in their property. If non profits cannot survive on the merits of their cause and raise private funds, so be it, but public funding of the same, whatever side of the political spectrum they may inhabit, is immoral.
rhinegarten Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:18 PM
Just as in the case of PBS - you are correct. The problem is, that while each of these entities may alone not amount to much in the overall scheme of things, collectively they add up to a whopper of a bill for the taxpayer. The biggest problem is, there's no constitutional foundation for government funding of entiies such as PBS or PP.

On the campaign trail last week Joe Biden said that Planned Parenthood “under law cannot perform any abortion.” The vice president was responding to Romney’s position that he would defund Planned Parenthood. The obvious problem with Biden’s remark is that it does – big time:  

Planned Parenthood itself has published fact sheets indicating that it did 985,731 abortions in just the three years from 2008 through 2010. These included 324,008 abortion in 2008, 332,278 abortions in 2009, and 329,445 abortions