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One question to ask to all those incarcerated is "did you know what you were doing was wrong?" If the answer is predominantly "yes" then you can't blame racism or the fact that they didn't know.
Wait ah minute..."It's been argued by some progressives that.... it would be irresponsible for the Supreme Court to strike down the exchange subsidies, because so many people would lose health insurance" What about all millions of people who lost their insurance because of OdumbaCare? I guess they didn't care about those people...idiots!
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Substituted Morality

Pheron Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 8:29 AM
I'm with you Vince...I think there are a lot more important issues (national debt, Islamic Terrorism, King Obama ruling by decree, the SS IRS, race profiteers, Education malfunction...etc) to worry about than who is getting married. It doesn't effect me one bit. Live and let live...I do not want the Government me telling me how to live so I'm not going to pretend I'm some intellectual know it all to tell someone else how they should live..
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The Budget Clash

Pheron Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 8:01 AM
So how much tax money was wasted preparing and packaging that gigantic pie in the sky budget that everyone knows will not pass. Has any of his budgets even gotten a vote (including democrats) in the previous 6 years that he has submitted one. I bet you could feed a lot of starving kids with the millions wasted preparing that DOA budget. Why not just write some numbers on a napkin and submit that? It should meet the requirements of the constitution and is gong to fail anyways. Someone should create a way to measure Govt waste in terms of Poor Children that could have been saved from going to bed hungry. eg.- Prez BHO's vacation to Hawaii = 12 million starving children fed for a month (MSCF/M), DOA Prez budget = 25 MSCF/M...etc
Police turnin bacs were disresectful...Duh, pointing out the obvisous...they DO NOT respect you!
Read Freakonomics by Steven Levitt it has a whole section about names. My favorites were the two brothers: Lemonjello and Orangejello - Lee-mon-jeh-low and O-range-jeh-low...or the person who named their daughter: Placenta. Interesting read
I heard someone call them the "Lap Dog Media" which I find more appropriate as for the most part, the media chooses to support the lawless petulant boy king and his enablers (democrat party). If all of the MSM decided to do their job, they would be protected as sunlight is a great disinfectant. Just look at how the MSM has been silent on Gruber-ger...
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A Lawless President, Salting The Fields

Pheron Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 8:28 AM
Imigration reform: 1) Secure the Border (but leave a few gates open for ilegals to leave) 2) Change the law that grants automatic citizenship if you are born in the US (there are only a few countries that allow this outdated practice anymore) 3) Create guest working program with enrollment offices in Mexico and other Latin American countries (this will result in self deportation, thus gates for leaving in 1) 4) Enforce the law and punish companies who hire illegals (which makes 3) attractive) 5) Done, problem solved
The first law congress should pass is to stop the anchor baby provision and let the petulant boy king veto it. The US is one of the few countries that grants automatic citizenship to babies born there. That would be the first bill passed.
They petulant Boy King lies and that is a fact that no one can deny. He is more like Cesar Chavez everyday. Gruber was right, there are a lot of stupid people out there who cant see through his deceit or blindly follow (lapdog media). Just some lies that came to mind: Benghazi - video, ACA - you can keep your____ and it is not a tax, Same sex marriage - it is between man and a woman, Amnesty - I do not have the authority and many many more... How can a person in that position be such a liar
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