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The Kryptonite Questions

Pheron Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:17 AM
Another one for Obama: You were strongly against the Supreme Court's Citizen United decision, even mentioning it in a State of the Union address. You said your disapproval was based on the decision allowing corporations too much influence in elections. But you did not appear to be concerned about the large biased Media Corporations (well, except Fox News) influencing elections. How do you justify being against certain corporations and not others? Is it because the major Media Corporations overwhelmingly support you and your party?

With the conventions concluded (inconclusively) and the presidential race still breathlessly close, the next big chance for a game-changing development comes with the debates, scheduled for Oct. 3, 16, and 22, with the single vice-presidential debate on Oct. 11.

The possibility for a decisive turning point increases due to the obvious vulnerability of both candidates to difficult questions they’ve mostly managed to dodge or fudge in the course of the campaign. For instance:

For President Obama: At the Charlotte convention, your supporters enthusiastically cheered for “Four More Years.” The question for you is four more years of what? Another four...