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Obama Fail!

PhdisReality Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 5:19 PM
"2) Fraud. Lots and lots of fraud. " Uh Hun. Fvck you. Proof? Evidence? Hell no. Quit making sh|t up.
"People with a heart and a brain view him with disdain and disgust." No. Ignorant fools view him with disdain and disgust. Those are the same ignorant fools who have fallen for the scam that is modern "conservatism"
"But it was the Dem party that voted against Civil Rights" No, it was the CONSERVATIVES in the Dem party that voted against the Civil Rights act, and they promptly left the Dems and became part of the GOP.
Aww, how cute, the party of the Southern Strategy, trying to convince blacks that they are on their side. The reality, of course, is that regardless of which party they belonged to at the time, the enemy of minority progress and equality under the law, has always been the conservatives. They know it, and it's why they don't vote for them.
"Another stupd prog who didn't know that in the vernacular of the time "regulated" meant trained or skilled. " That's absurd. Quit making sh|t up. Regulate comes from the Latin regulatus, The word has been in use since before the "discovery" of the continent. part of a well regulated militia.
Plan B is not an abortifacient, sorry to disappoint you.
So typical of the lies spewed by TH. All of those "props" volunteered to be there. Of course, that isn't mentioned anywhere in typical Clownhall fashion.
The reason liberals hate Palin is because she had the gall to accept a vp nomination, despite being completely ignorant of government and foreign affairs. She's was like a fry cook trying to get a job as a chef at a five star restaurant. The fact that she's somehow become a hero to the right is just further proof of the total lack of judgement from the clownhall crowd.
Send Sarah your money!!!! lol at clownhall.
You clearly don't know the Constitution as well as you pretend, if you think all those thing are unconstitutional.
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