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I'm looking forward to Nov., should be a fun month to troll TH.
You really think the people on this site are going to wait for evidence? Laff. I can guarantee the minute Obama wins we'll see a combination of all three here, I just wondering which is going to turn out to be the winner?
I'll be satisfied when they pay the same rate as I do.
"Few people are aware that Soros collaborated with the Nazis" Soros was born in 1930, you fkin schmuck.
If coal is being so over-regulated, why is it so cheap right now?
So when Obama win re-election, what's going to be the new conservative rallying cry? Fraud, impeachment, or succession?
Sure, carol. That's why you and your ilk never, ever, ever stand up to the rank and vile racism that is spouted all over these comment boards.
"Obamanomics has created an America in which Americans can't earn enough to fee themselves." That would be walmart.
Why would you want to live in a country in which you hate half the population? Just leave.
"Leftists revere, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini" You're so full of sh|t it's coming out your ears.
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